Tidal Pool Exploration

We will take you to our favorite beach in the Garden Route complete with golden sands and tidal pools packed with life. Visiting these tidal pools is like going on a sea safari, only you don’t HAVE to get wet (but we do recommend it!).

We will depart from Knysna Backpackers and drive 20 minutes to the beach. After a 2km walk along a beautiful stretch of beach we will arrive at the rockpools and find a shady spot to settle for an hour to explore and perhaps have a swim and a snorkel. We will bring a guide book along for identification of species and you will learn about the amazing sea life of the Garden Route. Expect to see crabs, starfish, a variety of small and medium fish and if you are lucky, an octopus or two!

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet
  • Swimming costume
  • Sunblock and hat
  • Bottle of water
  • Any personal items you may need

This experience is totally reliant on the tides and the weather being cooperative- departure will be confirmed the evening before.

Includes: Return transport from Knysna Backpackers, Snacks, Experience Leader and Snorkeling Equipment

Price: R495pp

Cycle Leisure Isle

Leisure Island is a small natural island in the Knysna lagoon that was adapted in the 1930’s to become the picture perfect suburbia it is today.  It has a very interesting history including British Government ownership. Tree lined streets and the quaint road network provide the perfect child friendly place to cycle. Hire a bike in town and ride down the cycle path at tide’s end or travel along the N2 until you get to George Rex Drive.

Cycle along the George Rex Road past the African Market, the golf course and Blend country restaurant on the left. You will be able to use the cycle path on your right for most of the ride. Ride past the lagoon as it changes during the tides and meet friendly fishermen on your way.

As you arrive on the Island (there are plenty of signs directing you) you will cycle over the connecting bridge and once you reach the security house, you can choose to turn left or right (or straight on). If you follow the ring road left for right, you will have a decent 3 km ride and will be able to stop at beautiful and safe swimming beaches, several view points and the Steenbok nature reserve to the north of the island (not to be missed).

Leisure island Knysna Backpackers

There is a lovely little coffee shop near the post box where you can buy lunch, refreshments and have a shady break.

Bird watching is also a favoured activity for visitors and locals alike. Spot the blacksmith plover, spoon bills and occasionally a flamingo!

You can easily spend a whole day here, take a picnic to the main beach – Bollards, or Green hole, a grassy picnic area. Take some fabulous pictures of the Knysna Heads, or wait until low tide and walk all the way to the channel – you haven’t experienced Knysna until you have seen Leisure Isle!

At Knysna Backpackers we can help you plan your time in Knysna! Email us now at info (at) knysnabackpackers.co.za


Visiting Knysna Heads

Knysna is a gem of a town located in the centre of the Garden Route, South Africa. Knysna was voted South Africa’s favorite holiday town and it is no surprise why. The magnificent surroundings, fabulous shops and large variety of restaurants and entertainment really do make this a bucket list destination for South African tourists.

Do not leave Knysna without visiting the Knysna Heads view point and Coney Glen Beach!

lnysna heads 1

It always surprises me when people visit Knysna but skip out the Knysna Heads. This view is spectacular! The sandstone cliffs rise out of a moody ocean, giving you the opportunity to take those incredible photos! You will have the chance to look out over the whole lagoon which changes with the tide. At low tide, you can see white sand beaches and turquoise waters. At high tide the water reaches all the way to the islands in the distance. You will see both Leisure Island and Theasen Island from the North Facing view point. Walk around the pathway to the South facing view point and you will see the Indian ocean at its best. The waves crash on the jagged rocks below. Continue on the path to the right and you can board the highest view point, a wooden platform overlooking Coney Glen Beach (not for those afraid of heights!).

Below this view point you will see Coney Glen Beach which can be accessed by car (or foot if you are feeling energetic. This is not a swimming beach but if you visit it at low tide, you will amazing rock pools and an impressive shoreline shadowed by the cliffs that open to the lagoon.

As you leave, make sure you visit the famous East Head Cafe at the bottom of the heads for amazing food and views! There is also a swimming area just past our tiny lighthouse. Why not finish off the day with a gelato from the ice cream shop in the parking lot while you take a stroll up the path behind the houses to the base of the eastern head.

Look out for: yachts sailing through the heads – always an impressive site,  whales in whale season, dolphins visiting the Knysna lagoon through the heads.

Contact Knysna Backpackers for more information: info@knysnabackpackers.co.za